Design reinvents what matters.
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Design in Healthcare. How can we develop new strategies and innovation-driven approaches for the U. S. clinical trials system that would facilitate rapid and cost-effective access to medicines for all patients?
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Design in Education. What does 21st. century design education look like? How will it be different from the normative, (industrial) post-Bauhaus, models still in operation today?  
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Design in Public Policy. How can young leaders in the Federal government and non-profit sectors use the design process to respond to the challenges they face on a daily basis?
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Design in Cities. What is the future of local government in our increasingly urbanizing world? How are the problems of mid-size American cities comparable to other cities worldwide?
About muchieast. Muchieast brings the design and innovation mindsets to the table where key decisions are made.
Today’s unprecedented global, systemic, challenges, demand new tools, new intelligences, and new processes.   Our work finds its place at the intersection of user-centered, context-centered, and environment-centered design and innovation.
We address the needs of clients who understand that systems thinking, social innovation, and cultural sensibility, are core values to address the complex challenges of our time.