Activity log.

October 27 - First meeting of the HEALTH+ group, at the Rhode Island School of Design. The group brings diverse faculty expertise to bringing design to a diverse set of health and healthcare issues.
October 22 - The Clinical Trials Systems group in conversation with Dr. Robert Califf, FDA Commissioner, to discuss our project.
October 21 - Meeting with John Lode and a cohort of researchers at Nesta to discuss our ideas for the PVD Urban Lab.
October 21 - Meeting at the London School of Economics with Philipp Rode and Catarina Heeckt to discuss LSE Cities and its approach to urban innovation.
October 20 - Visit to the London Olympic Park with a group of CityLab innovators.
October 19 - CityLab 2015 kicks off with a conversation between Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, and Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York.
October 16 - Spending the day in Baltimore, at Johns Hopkins University, for a work session with the Clinical Trials research team.
October 9 - Michael Dell lecture at Brown University.
October 7 - Conference call with Hugo Geerts,