Projects that matter.

What does 21st. century design education look like?
The Maryland Institute College of Art is launching a new program in Product Design in the Fall of 2016. With a number of new programs in development and great ideas in the pipeline, MICA is redefining design education now. The goal of this project is to synchronize design education with the social and cultural needs of the 21st. century. READMORE>

The clinical trials systems project
Everyone agrees that the clinical trials system is broken. What's not as clear is whether the system can be fixed. Many believe we need a whole new system altogether. Working with the MIT Collaborative Initiatives and researchers from the Johns Hopkins Systems Institute, this project is looking at how understanding clinical trials as a system may be the only way to find viable, long-term solutions for its improvement. READMORE>

The Providence Innovation Lab
On February of 2015, Mayor Elorza created the first Office of Innovation at the City of Providence. In collaboration with Providence's Chief Innovation Officer, this project is working toward establishing a new lab that is not a lab, but a sandbox. Working with local and regional stakeholders, the future Providence City Design SandBox will be an epicenter of great ideas, great prototypes, great testing and great outcomes. READMORE>
The institute for design and public policy
Government and non-profit sector leaders are wondering how may design and the design process help them make better decisions to address increasingly complex challenges. Working with the U.S. Department of State and the Rhode Island School of Design, a pilot program was launched last summer in Providence for a cohort of 24 young government and non-profit leaders. By the way, we strongly believe that human-centered design is a tautology... READMORE>

Expanding Mexico's design education horizons
With an open, international spirit, and lots of energy, Centro wanted to expand its design offer and bring to fruition a number of strategic priorities. In this project, we worked with the Centro community in the design of new programs; an international conference; and the inner workings and administrative mechanisms for the new curricula. READMORE>

The public health and public space project
With the goal of a healthier Providence in mind, this initiative focused on the local community of Olneyville to explore new methods and innovative collective practices that support healthy behavior. The implications of walking as urban practice, combined with active community engagement and active participation, brought a number of experiences that transformed the Olneyvill neighborhood. READMORE>
The future of Rhode Island's food system
The Rhode Island Food Policy Council started as a network of local stakeholders committed to transform the local food system. This network is continuing to grow and expand and is now working together to achieve the shared vision of a Rhode Island where there is no food insecurity, and where the local food system grows, flourishes, and expands so as to meet the food and nutrition needs of all of its residents, and results in the creation of a healthy food environment with zero waste and a thriving, just, and expanding local food economy. READMORE>